Sustainable Features & Benefits

Sustainable Features & Benefits:

Centrally located to transit and community resources.
Enhances connection to work, social and cultural opportunities while minimizing impacts of individual vehicle miles used. Residents have access to the Portland Streetcar, 2 MAX lines and 10 bus lines immediately surrounding the community.

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Green & paperless community.
Building management through electronic communication reduces waste paper creation.

Double-pane, low-E, insulated windows.
High efficiency windows and insulation allow balance in provision of natural light and optimal thermal comfort, as well as acoustic control of city and neighbor noise sources.

High efficiency lighting systems
Extensive use of efficient and long-life LED lighting, significantly reduces both energy and maintenance costs.

Water efficient fixtures.
Water resource conservation, and control of this utility cost are enhanced with fixtures designed to function well with reduced water volume.

Smoke free community.
Both the health of residents and reduction of building maintenance costs are enhanced with this policy.

Storm water retention planter with drought tolerant plants.
While controlling peak storm water loading to city utility system, this also provides aesthetic benefit to occupants, enhancing the otherwise hard urban roofscape.

Optimized efficient HVAC systems.
Ensure fresh air is delivered to occupants and moisture is managed properly for optimal indoor air quality and comfort.

Reflective roofing surfaces to reduce heat island.
Solar heat absorption is controlled, which reduces summer build-up of heat in the building mass and consequent re-radiation to the surrounding environment.

Low VOC emitting materials.
Indoor air quality is greatly enhanced by avoiding materials that would off-gas harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Energy Star appliances.
Equipment installed in the building was built to standards than maximize the money you save, while reducing energy and water uses.

Onsite construction waste program.
In addition to strategies to minimize waste generation during construction, limitation of landfill conservation of resources was enhanced by pre-sorting recyclable materials on-site.

Recycled Materials
Using insulation consisting of 30% post-consumer recycled materials puts less dependence on natural resources.

Bike Friendly
Home to 155 secured access bike parking spaces decreases the dependency on cars and encourages a healthy way to commute.

Outdoor Spaces
Several accessible outdoor spaces such as the rooftop terrace, lounge deck that all provide fresh air and daylight for residents to enjoy.